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Our Practice

Breastfeeding Resources was a medical specialty practice focused on mothers and babies.


Breastfeeding should make your life easier.

If feeding your baby is getting in your way, interfering with the time you could be enjoying your baby, or complicating rather than simplifying your life, we want to help.

There’s no one right way.

Every mother-baby pair is different. You and your baby will have your own way.

Breastfeeding is a two-person process. It takes two people, both mother and baby, to make it work, so we need to spend time with both of you. We take the time to listen, often as much as two hours at the first visit, so we can understand your unique situation, examine both of you, and work with you to evaluate and resolve the challenges you may face.

***We do NOT do any primary care. You keep your own primary care physician and ob/gyn or midwife, as well as your baby’s pediatrician or other health care provider. We work to support and guide you.

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